BMK Power Resources Ltd. services a variety of utility and industrial customers throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Located in Spruce Grove, Alberta, BMK's team of highly trained professionals are specialists in the field of building, repairing, and servicing all manner of high voltage equipment.


Since the company's inception in early 1994, BMK has provided construction services and troubleshooting to detect and correct potential problems before they resulted in equipment loss, power failure and costly downtime.


BMK technicians are certified to take Guarantee of Isolations and grounding.


Some of our present experiences involve:


Construction experience of both indoor and outdoor facilities (substations, gas plants, industrials, thermal plants, and hospitals), including wiring and print interpretation. 


Assembly and erection of manufactured equipment (breakers, transformers, regulators, switches, iso bus duct, capacitor banks, switchgear, and bus).


Testing of equipment (acceptance guides, meggaring, hypot testing, contact resistance).


Maintenance of breakers, transformers, regulators, switches, iso bus duct, and switchgear.  Several different manufacturers and voltage classes.


Predictive maintenance practice knowledge.


Extensive troubleshooting experiences on both new and in-service equipment.